Mystery of silk

December 22, 2014

Lyon Silk

Silk is the most luxurious of natural fabrics. It is thought to have been discovered by a Chinese Empress named Lei-tzu in 2650 BC. The story tells a cocoon fell into her cup of tea from a Mulberry tree. As she tried to pull out the cocoon a fine thread began to unravel...Silk has been the favourite fabric of Royals and Emperors ever since. In France, Lyon was the town who mastered the art of silk weaving by building ingenious machines. Below are some examples of these machines from the XVIII and XIX centuries. The French court at Versailles and Marie-Antoinette in particular were very found of Lyon silks. They were dressed in silk and were surrounded by beautiful silk furnishings but they didn't have the chance yet to wear silk lingerie! Technology has improved and silk can now be lighter and softer to reveal gracefully your beautiful curves. Wear silk lingerie and you will feel like a Queen!

Silk Weaving MachineSilk Weaving MachineSilk Weaving MachineGold Silk Threads

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