The Bridal Trousseau: a Royal Affair?

April 21, 2011

Bridal Lingerie
We are a week away from the Royal Wedding and everyone is still speculating on the designer of Kate Middleton's dress. I am sure she will look graceful in layers of ivory silks and will shine through the day, she already has the aura of a princess! We have seen her shopping on King's road and I am wondering if she is preparing her Bridal Trousseau? A Trousseau is a very old tradition dating back from centuries, it contains all linens and clothing a Bride should assemble for her marriage. One can imagine delicate lace nightdresses and embroidered bed linens with her initials or Coat of Arms. I would love to get a glimpse of women beautifully embroidering linens for Kate. Well, I do not have any insider information but I would just like to share with you a few pictures of hand-embroidered linens that have been passed through the Girard family from mother to daughter.


Bridal TrousseauBridal Trousseau

Bridal TrousseauBridal Trousseau

Bridal Trousseau

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