Roses & Shades of Pink

April 28, 2011

French Roses

When looking for colour inspiration I turn to mother nature. As I tailor my own silk colour pallet for my collections, it's very important to get unique and magnificent colours. I love studying roses to try to get the perfect shade of pink silk for my lingerie. Pierre de Ronsard, the French poet, used to compare roses to a woman's beauty. So I'd like to think that finding the perfect shade of pink will make a woman feel beautiful, even without any make-up. I am wondering if Kate Middleton will wear a delicate bouquet of roses tomorrow on her wedding day? Perhaps some antique roses like the ones pictured below from my French garden. PS: The beautiful rose above this text is named after the poet "Pierre de Ronsard".

French Pink RoseFrench Pink RoseFrench Pink RoseFrench Pink Rose

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