Hand made French lace from the time of Louis XIV and Louis XVI

April 22, 2012

French Chantilly Lace Sculpture

Very few garments still exist from the time of the Kings and Queens of France. The best way to study Royal Garments  is through art: paintings, drawings and sculptures. I find sculptures to be fascinating as they do represent the most exquisite details one can find on a fabric. These elegant marble busts of the Sun King Louis XIV, Madame Victoire de France and Madame de Serilly are from the Wallace Collection in London. They reveal the beauty of hand made Lace and the long tradition of lace making in France. French Lace is the ultimate luxury, owning a garment with delicate French lace is like owning a piece of French history!

Lace on shoulder of Marble BustLace on French Marble BustFrench Lace on Louis XIV Bust

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