The best piece of advice I received from Jimmy Choo

August 01, 2014

Myriam Girard and Jimmy Choo

Long day today running from one meeting to another in my new heels! That made me think of the best piece of advice I ever got regarding new shoes from the amazing Jimmy Choo himself. I met Jimmy through my ex boss, at the time I was working at Chinawhite and rocking London's nightlife. My ex boss, Jimmy and I went together to many events of the Social Calendar and it was always great to be able to talk about Fashion and shoes! So here we go, here is Jimmy's little secret revealed:
"Wax the inside of your new shoes with a candle before wearing them, that will soften the leather and protect your precious little feet."Jimmy Choo

It works like a charm every time. Please do try it and say goodbye to sore feet.

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