Swimming costumes from 1897

May 14, 2014

Vintage Swimming Costumes

I have bought the most wonderful fashion magazine on an antique market in France: La Mode Illustree from May 1897, that's 117 years old! These 19th century bathing scenes are pure delight, it's so interesting to look at the fashion of the time and notice details that are still used in today's summer collections: puff sleeves, French lace, nautical motifs, stripes, cropped trousers and very fitted waists. One can imagine the outfits being in "Bleu Marine" (dark blue) and white colours. I find these costumes so elegant and wouldn't mind wearing one of them for a long promenade on the beach.   La Mode Illustree 1897Swimming Costume with LaceSwimming Costume with Lace CollarSwimming Costume

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