About Myriam

I believe garments should be made to last. I believe in quality and craftsmanship and I think a well made piece of lingerie should be something you would want to cherish in your wardrobe and keep for the next generation.

I design with my French heritage at heart and handpick every piece of fabric that goes into my lingerie. It’s very important for me to keep traditions alive. I work with the very few lace makers left in France that produce the finest luxury lace. I work with beautiful silks and cut all my pieces on the bias as lingerie used to be crafted in the 1920s and 1930s.

The result is a splendid piece of lingerie: you will feel the warmth and softness of the natural silk on your skin and see a garment that fits perfectly on your curves.

When you own a piece of lingerie from my collection, you own a garment that is timeless and made with love. I don’t have huge a marketing budget and big advertising campaigns, all my efforts are going into sourcing the finest fabrics and perfecting the cuts. I hope you will enjoy wearing my designs.